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Find your next flu or COVID vaccine

Student Health

Make appointments & more 


Locate your vaccine records


Learn more about infectious diseases and vaccines


What's being done on campus

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General Acceptance

The Bison community accepts vaccines

91% of students, faculty and staff is accepting of infant/childhood routine immunizations

88% of students, faculty and staff is accepting of routine child/adolescent immunizations


Locate your vaccination records to make sure you're up to date

States use different programs to keep track of immunization records. North Dakota uses MyIRMobile, and Minnesota uses the Docket app.


Click your state of residency below. 

If you are not a North Dakota or Minnesota resident, do a quick search online or visit your state's health department website to learn how to view your immunization records.

Learn more about vaccine-preventable diseases




See what the Bison community is doing to #ProtectTheHerd

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